Sustain-inc. assists small and mid size natural product businesses control their costs through in depth analysis and planning. We are dedicated to saving businesses money while also educating and guiding them to success. Sustainability has historically been represented by a 3 legged milking stool. Each leg is critical to maintain balance.

1. Environmental stewardship

2. Social responsibility

3. Financial Balance

Many times in our industry we are moved by environmental and social motives. Little time and money are available to study the finances. That is our job.

We have benefited from many (Sustain-inc) services, especially helping to model our cost of goods and annual ingredient usage levels.

We have been able to tap into their experience when we have needed short term resources to stretch our internal ones, as we fulfill requirements for regulatory and compliance documentation.

It helps to tap into resources whose goals are the same as ours and whose confidentiality can be assured. They really embrace the partnership model and are not afraid to roll up their sleeves.